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Why Employ Local First ?

2-click registration

Create your profile in our 2-click registration. Upload your CV, and your credentials will be available in our database, just wait for you interview offer!

Industry specific

We focus only on Construction, Marine , Oil & Gas/Process. So expect to find relevant job offers from these fields.

Hiring ?

3 simple steps


2-click registration for employers. Create your company profile in minutes.


Create your project that you are hiring for, add positions that you need to fill in and shortlist your candidates!


Once you have identified potential candidates, use our chat feature to ask additional questions and make some interview arrangements.

By using data science we will make your life easier. All candidates are pre-qualified (ELF is only for Singapore work permit holders) and posses proven track record in Construction, Marine , Oil & Gas/Process. You can search through job titles, job roles, past experience and many more. At Employ Local First you can create your project that you are hiring for, add positions that you need to fill in and send out interview offers to candidates.


Faq .

We know that advertising costs money and all types of candidates will apply for the job. This just means more screening through the CVs and resumes received. Hiring recruitment agencies cost money. At least 1 month of the salary of an employee. Yet you may still have to screen through the candidates offered by the agency.
With Employ Local First, you can narrow down your search to the people with the right criteria and skills sets. Without paying for advertisements or agency fees.

Currently it’s free. With the rising demand in the future we will be charging a fee to maintain the database and keep things organised so that you can hire your right candidates.

While some recruiters may have your best interest at heart, they still have to charge you a fee for placements. You still need to relate your message to the recruiters so that they can put forth the right candidates for you to then screen. Some agencies may only send candidates that have key words on their CVs- as these agencies only care about fast turn overs and may not have your interests at heart.

Job Portals provide a platform for companies to advertise yet there is no guarantee that candidates will write in or submit their interest. Even then, companies may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of foreign CVs and candidates writing in just slowing down the hiring process.

As a candidate- this is the platform for your to showcase your skills, education and talent. Like a Linkedin for a specific industry for you to get hired.

Initially this is free, however we may include a small membership fee in the future. This is to allow us to continue screening the candidates for locals only and with the right skillsets.

No, we only accept Singaporeans and Singapore PR for Employ Local First.

Update your CV, add in your photo, give as much details about the jobs and experiences you have. Put your best profile possible and get hired



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